APMA-370 (CO)


The APMA-370 is a device for continuously monitoring CO concentrations using a Non-dispersion cross modulation infrared analysis method. The APMA-370 employs an independent, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy. The dry method, due to its capability for continuously monitoring and instantaneously analyzing of gas in its unaltered state as well as its minimal maintenance requirements, has been a preferred method for monitoring the atmospheric pollution.


The cross flow modulation type, infrared-absorption technology eliminates the need for adjusting optical alignment. For the user, this means very stable and sensitive (5 ppm F.S.) measurements.

The APMA-370 uses an AS-type interference-compensating detector, and a purified reference gas. The reference gas is generated by purging the sample through an oxidation process, where an oxidizing catalyst burns the CO to CO2. These features eliminate interference from other elements, resulting in highly accurate measurements.

The APMA-370 does not use such components as reflecting mirrors, that attract foreign matter. This means the optical bench stays clean assuring you of stable results over long periods of time.



Cross flow modulation, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption technology


CO in ambient air


Standard ranges: 0-10/20/50/100 ppm; 0-5/10/20/50 ppm; auto range ~ manual range selectable; can be operated by remote switching.
Optional (measurable) ranges: 4 ranges selectable from 0-100 ppm, within 10 times range ratio; auto range ~ manual range selectable; can be operated by remote switching.


±1.0% of F.S.


±1.0% of F.S.

Sample gas flow rate

Approx. 1.5L/min


Measured value, range, alarm, maintenance screen


During AIC, zero calibration error, span calibration error, temperature error in catalyzer, etc.

On-screen messages are available in four languages

English, German, French, and Japanese.


• 0-1 V/0-10 V/4-20 mA, to be specified (2 systems: either (1) momentary value and integrated or (2) moving average value) 
• Contact input/output 
• RS-232C


100/110/115/120/220/230/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (to be specified)


430(W) x 550(D) x 221(H) mm


Approx. 16 kg.