GA-360E/F360E (Trace Gas)


The GA-360E/F360E Series is a line up of units that provide ultrahigh sensitive, highly accurate, continuous monitoring of trace amounts of impurities contained in gases (N2, O2, He, Ar, H2, and Air) used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Utilizing a cross-modulation method, GA-360E/F360 Series units have no zero drift due to the simultaneous analysis of the zero gas and ordinary time comparison and offer long-term, stable measurement values. A 19-inch rack makes for easy systems upgrade. GA-360E/F360 Series analyzers are well suited for use at semiconductor gas production facilities.


  • The units are equipped with a maximum two-component function within the one-component analysis capability for CO, CO2, and CH4 and are capable of simultaneous digital display of the concentrations of two components.

  • The units use a cross-modulation method and have no zero drift, thereby providing long-term, stable, continuous display values.
  • Elimination of the need for optics adjustment makes for easy maintenance.
  • A self-monitoring function for the flow volume (pressure), chopper motor (electromagnetic valve), accidental fire warning (GA-360E), and electrical source warning systems provides users with quick alerts to any irregularities.



Measurement principle:

GA-360E: cross-modulation nondispersion infrared absorption method; GA-360E: cross-modulation hydrogen flame ionized method

Measured gases:

GA-360E: maximum of two composition measurement from CO, CO2, and CH4

Measurement range:

Ga-360E: 0ppm ~ 1ppm/2ppm/5ppm/10ppm